Cebeci Campus

One of the most prominent feature of Cebeci Hospital is its horizontal location between wide green areas, serving with 1200 bed capacity in 35 buildings.

A modernist rehabilitation center serves for the rehabilitation of neurologic and orthopedic disabilities. Bone marrow transplantations are carried out at the Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit which has been accepted as the 117th center by the European Bone Marrow Transplantation Union and became a reference center. All modern treatment methods used in the field of Radiotherapy are performed. The are numerous operating rooms, intensive care units and sterilization units equipped with modern technology.

The first Department of Nuclear Medicine of turkey was established here in 1963 and made great contribution to the recognition of Nuclear Medicine Science.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Building opened in 1967 have all modern diagnostic and treatment departments, operating rooms and delivery rooms, laser unit and the electronic centralized fetal monitoring unit, “Perinatology”, “Test Tube Baby,” “Menopause” units. Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment Research and Application Center have been serving in this building.

Department of Pediatrics Building opened in 1963, is an environment where valuable physicians has grown with all types of opportunity. The building has a Neonatal Unit was established in accordance with modern medicine. Also the Child Emergency Service offers service for 24 hours.

Institute for Leprosy opened in 1961 serves to patients with leprosy and dermatological problems.

Central Laboratory opened in December 1995 serves for 24 hours.

Department of Chest Diseases and Allergy Department Building is located in one side of 50th Anniversary Lecture Room which has established in 1972 with 296 seat, on the other side of it Department of Psychiatry and the Children’s Mental Health Department Building serves.

Department of Chest Diseases is one of the leading clinics with Intensive Care Unit, Bronchology, pulmonary function tests, a catheter laboratory, a Smoking Cessation Clinic, COPD follow-up Clinic.

Department of Ophthalmology which serves as the most modern Eye Clinic of our country, has a clinic established in 1964 and a polyclinic established in1973. Inthe Ophthalmology Building serves with Retina, Strabismus, Contact Lens, Tumor and Uvea Units. Vehbi Koc Eye Hospital opened in 2007, also is an important health investment.

Modern Heart Center Building which is include Departments of Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiology and established in 1996, is a center used advanced technologies in intensive care, angio, and other units.

In the Department of Public Health Building opened in 1980, practical applications are made about rural medicine and family medicine.