Morphology Campus

Morphology building was established in 1967. Dean’s office, offices of Vice Deans and Faculty Secretary, the central library, 13 Departments, 4 Disciplines and some administrative offices are located in this building.

The Central Library( containing over 50,000 written and printed materials, covers 684 square meters with a reading room with 125 person capacity. It is very spacious with wide and comfortable reading areas. Wireless network connection is also provided. The collection of the Central Library consists of books, theses and periodicals.

Besides a two-storied conference room with 800 person capacity, there are 4 other meeting rooms and two big reading halls for students use equipped with up-to-date computers.

Each department located in the building has modern research laboratories open for the use of other departments of the medical school. At the backyard of the building there is a sports complex with basketball, tennis and volleyball facilities where various sports activities are performed.

A two floor canteen which can serve up to 800 persons is also available in the campus. The upstairs of the building is designed for rest and leisure activities while downstairs is designed for dining. There is also a restaurant with a panoramik view of Ankara on the top of the building.