The first medical school of The Republic of Turkey (1945)

Number of physicians was very inadequate in the first years of The Republic of Turkey which was making great strides on the path of modernization. After beeing reorganized, Istanbul School of Medicine started to graduate 150 – 250 physicians every year by the contribution of wellknown German professors.

When The Republic of Turkey was established in 1923, the number of physicians all over the country was only 554, while this number reached 1625 in 1935. In time, when number of students who wanted to study Medicine increased, it became inevitable to establish a new medical school. At his opening speech of the parliament in 1937, Atatürk, founder ofTurkishRepublicpointed out the necessity of building two new universities and medical schools, one inAnkaraand the other in Van. For the first step a new law was legislated in 1937, but the Second World War postponed the attempts until the end of the war.

Major general Abdülkadir Noyan was appointed as Dean of Ankara School of Medicine by President İsmet İnönü and education started with the first lecture onOctober 19, 1945atCebeciHospital.

The name of Ankara School of Medicine has changed to Ankara University School of Medicine following the establishment ofAnkaraUniversityin 1946. With it’s dynamic nature, Ankara University School of Medicine has developed fast and became the leader in terms of medical education and health service inTurkeyin a very short period. Furthermore Ankara University School of Medicine has made great worldwide contribution to science by medical research programmes.

Currently Ankara University School of Medicine serves in three campuses. Morphology Building was completed in 1967 and takes place at Sıhhıye Campus while İbni SinaHospitalstarted to serve patient care on March 13th 1985.