Ankara University School of Medicine, being the oldest Medical School in Turkey founded in 1945, presented a new program in 2018-2019 academic year. In this program, we aimed to graduate students who can work both nationally and internationally with a very strong scientific background. Although the program competencies are similar to those of Turkish program, the organization of currciulum as well as instruction methods shows discrepancy in both programs. Therefore, having a two different programs enrich our faculty by giving a chance to present different options for the candidates who seek for different programs.

The program is entegrated, problem based and land community based. Organization of the lectures was based on organ systems in which both structure, function and dysfunction of the body as well as symptomatology of the diseases are given in the same courses in sequential orders during 2nd and 3th years. The same system model continues in similar order with spending more time on clinical practices in the later grades.

This model is unique to Ankara University and organized by our previous educational experiences, our culture, beliefs, and biases and also expectation of our faculty. Curriculum was established in the meetings in which many faculty members were participated and had a chance to put his/her own ideas into the program which I believe that improved the success of the program.

In the first year of its education, 20 students started for education. On behalf of my faculty, it is a great honor for me to introduce the second sister program and I wish a great success toour students. I believe, they are going to enjoy living in Ankara University and being a part of our unique family.

Best regards

Gülfem ÇELİK, MD, Professor