Significant Contribution to Medical Education from Ankara Med, Department of Anatomy

Our Faculty members and assistants of Anatomy Department made a significant contribution to medical education. Department of Anatomy, which has traditionally translated Sabotta Atlas of Human Anatomy, has published 24th German edition as the 11th Turkish Edition.          

Atlas is composed of General Anatomy and Skeletal-Muscular System, Head, Neck and Neuroanatomy, Internal Organs skin, fascicle including Muscle and Nerve Tables. In this new edition, issues are addressed in an integrated manner with the clinic, as well as a typical clinical phenomenon and the learning gains of the subject are reinforced.

We would like to thank Tuna Karahan M.D. prof. as translation editor and all academic members of Department of Anatomy for working tirelessly at preparing the atlas and for their valuable contribution to the medical education of our country.

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Ankara University School of Medicine Deanship.