First Prize to Our Department of Urology

The 6th National Congress of Functional Urology and Women’s Urology was held on 2-6 October 2019 in Antalya. Our faculty member from Department of Urology Assoc. Prof. Ömer Gülpınar and research assistants Adem Sancı M.D. and Murat Can Karaburun M.D. participated.

During the congress, oral and video presentations were presented to the participants. The proceedings were evaluated by the scientific committee of the congress and the best papers were selected in both fields. Pelvic organ prolapse cystocele and containing rectocele robotic simultaneous surgical treatment “ Robot Yardımlı Sistosel ve Rektosel Onarımı: Kombine Cerrahi Teknik” report by Assoc. Prof. Ömer Gülpınar and Assoc. Prof. Cihangir Akyol selected as best report in video report category and was awarded first price.

We congratulate our esteemed faculty members and their team and wish them continued success.