Multidisciplinary, Internationally Participated Portal Hypertension

Internationally participated Portal Hypertension symposium hosted by Ankara University School of Medicine was held on October 9, 2019 with the cooperation of Ankara University School of Medicine, Gastroenterology and radiology departments.

 At the opening of the symposium which held at the Hasan Ali Yücel conference Hall of İbni Sina Hospital, Dean of the faculty Gülfem Elif Çelik M.D. Prof presented certificate to Xiaolong Qi, Vice Dean and Head of Department of Hepatology of Manzou University School of medicine, China. Professor Qi is vising our Faculty as “visiting professor” 2 times a year to give 5 day long conferences.

“Portal hypertension anatomi, kan akımı, sınıflama ve patofizyoloji, portal hipertansiyonun klinik sonuçları”, “Portal hipertansiyon tanısı: Klinik ve laboratuvar yöntemleri ile tanı, USG ve Elastografi”, Portal Hipertansiyon Klinik Farklılıkları ve Tedavi: Pre hepatik, intra hepatik ve post hepatik portal hipertansiyonun klinik farklılıkları ve önemi, portal hipertansiyon medikal tedavisi”, Surgical Treatment of Portal Hypertension cerrahi tedavisi” Non-Invasive Methods for the Diagnosis of Portal Hypertansion” titled presentations was made during the seminar in both Turkish and English Languages.