Internationally Attended Activity by Department of Gastroenterology

International Digestive Endoscopy Network (IDEN) event was organized by Turkish Gastroenterology Association, Korean Endoscopy Association and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Association on October 3-4 2019, hosted by Ankara University School of Medicine, Department of Gastroenterology.

Approximately 100 people from Turkey and 13 from Korea participated in the event held in the building of Gastroenterology located in Cebecei Campus of our Faculty. All participant were professors, associate professors and specialists in gastroenterology.

The event continued with the lectures after the opening speeches. Live procedures moderated by specialists like Head of Gastroenterology Hasan Özkan M.D. Prof,, faculty members like Necati Örmeci M.D. Prof, Mehmet Bektaş M.D. Prof., Kubilay Çınar M.D. Prof and specialist Serhat Bor M.D. Prof, Cengiz Pata M.D. Prof. These processes were simultaneously watched live from te meeting room on the 3rd floor of the building. The guests provided interactive participation with the questions and answers.

Korean Endoscopy Association President and the other Korean participants given lectures about advanced endoscopy techniques.

It was reported that the meetings held in our department as “endokul 1,2,3,” will continue as “endookul” after this activity.