Pre-graduation Education Workshop

“Pre-graduation education workshop” was held between 15-16th April, 2019 in mavi hall. The workshop was  organized for regulation future planning of the education system based on views and suggestions of the reports of external evaluation processes made by Quality Assessment Team of our University and  UTEAK. Dean of the Faculty Gülfem Elif Çelik M.D. Prof., Vice-Dean Dr. Kenan Ateş M.D. Prof., coordinators, heads of the modules / internship courses, other faculty members participated in the pre-graduation education boards and student representatives have been actively participated to the workshop.

Works done by previously established groups got presented and opened to discussion by group speakers in the workshop which lasted 1.5 days under the moderation of Professor Kenan Ateş. In this context, Integration of Basic and Clinical Sciences in Basic and Clinical Medical Education ( Ali Fırat Esmer M.D. Prof., Serhat Birengel M.D. Assoc. Prof.), Student Centered Education Activities (Ceren Karahan M.D. Prof.), Professional Skills Training  and Communication Skills Training ( İpek Gönüllü M.D. research assoc.), Professionalism ( Yasemin Yalım M.D. Prof.), Team Work and Leadership Education (Serap İahinoğlu M.D. Prof.), Community Based Medicine Training (Meltem Çöl M.D. Prof.) Research (Kenan Ateş M.D. Prof. Cihangir Akyol M.D. Assoc. Prof.), Social Responsibility Projects (Aslıan Avcı M.D. Prof.), Elective Courses ( İmge Ergüder M.D. Prof.) and Healthy Living and Personalized Medicine (Pelin Arıbal Ayral M.D. Prof.) topics got presented. The recommendations made in the discussions will be recorded and will be shared with the faculty members and the arrangements will be implemented in the 2019-2020 academic year.