Medical Feast was celebrated in its 100th Anniversary with Great Enthusiasm

The 14th of March Medical Feast was celebrated with enthusiasm in its 100th Anniversary with many events organized by the Faculty of Medicine of Ankara University which has the honour of being the first Medical Faculty of the Turkish Republic.

The celebration started with an official ceremony being hosted by Ufuk University Faculty of Medicine with contributions of Deans, Faculty Members and students of all Medical Faculties in Ankara. The ceremony took its start with the visit of Anıtkabir to show the appreciation and respect of Medical Doctors to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who gifted us the Great Republic of Turkey.

In our Faculty, the events that took place on March 14th Medical Day Week were the scene of colourful moments.

Students who won or get degree in sports competitions at 14 th of March sport competitions took their certificates of appreciations from our Dean Gülfem Elif Çelik M.D. Prof. and İbrahim Tekdemir from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anatomy.

Celebration continued with stand-up show “Hocam Bilir Dedi!” and then dances from folk dance community, paired dances community and songs with student music communities.

After the daylong celebrations, 14 th of March Medical Feast ended with a prom with participation of our Dean, Vice-deans, Faculty members and students.