Informed Consent Symposium

On 27 th March 2019, the Informed Consent Symposium was held in cooperation with Ankara University Faculty of Medicine Department of Forensic Medicine and the Institute of Legal Physicians.

At the opening ceremony of the Symposium which was held at the 50th Year Conference Hall of the Cebeci Hospital of Ankara University Faculty of Medicine; vice rector Bahaddin Güzel M.D. Prof., Dean of Faculty Gülfem Elif Çelik M.D. Prof., Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine. Gürol Cantürk M.D. Prof on behalf of Institute of Legal Physicians Yusuf Bayraktar M.D. Prof. gave a speech.

Information regarding on “Constitutional Principles of Informed Consent”, “Enlightenment, Information and Current Concepts”, “Proof and burden of informed consent and its importance in regard of evidence”, “Informed Consent’s Offensive and Defensive Impact on Medical Behavior”, “Daily Applications Inside Informed Consent”, “ Information on withdrawal of medical support and discontinuation in case of Dilek Özcengiz M.D. Prof. woundless treatment”, “Informed Consent of the Health Professionals and Lawyers”, “Informed Consent in Forensic Practice” topics presented in the symposium.