Pediatric Patients in Our Faculty are Relaxing with Yoga

Pediatric patients that are getting treated in Our Faculty Department of Pediatrics-Children oncology science are relaxing with yoga which is being coached by our yoga certified student intern Yağmur Çiko M.D.

By saying “It was one of my biggest dream for our pediatric patients, which are getting treated in pediatric oncology clinic, to be able to gain access to a relaxing way to do sport and meditation like yoga”, Head of Department of Pediatric Oncology Nurdan Taçyıldız M.D. Prof joined first yoga activity with pediatric patients.

After the first yoga lesson, pediatric patients showed their happiness by taking photos with their faculty members and teaching assistants that are treating them.

The Families of our pediatric patients, with the excitement to attend the next lesson in their outpatient visits, signing their names to upcoming yoga class. The mats for yoga were taken from the donations made to the Pediatric Oncology science and Pediatrics Research Foundation.

Yoga training, which is also getting supported by the nurses and health workers of Pediatric Hospital, are given by our idealist intern Yağmur Çiko M.D who also have junior yoga certificate. Yoga sessions will be held twice a week, at noon, at the Pediatric Hospital 6th Floor Hall.