Bitter Firewell to Our Term 1 Student Sefa Atılır

Ankara University Faculty of medicine Term 1 student Sefa Atılır lost his life after a tragic event in Tokat which was his hometown. On 21 January 2019, the Dean of our Faculty organized a memorial ceremony in Abdülkadir Noyan M.D. Prof. Ord. Hall at morphology building for deceased.  Ankara Med. Family farewelled Sefa Atılır with this ceremony to eternity from the very same hall he wore his white coat.

Lovers of Sefa Atılır gave a speech that reflected their feelings of sadness at the ceremony.  On behalf of our late student Sefa Atılır, a book of condolence was added to the Morphology building by the Dean of our Faculty for those who wants to share their feelings which will be delivered to the family of the deceased. The condolence book will stay Fuaye area until February 8, 2019.

We pray Allah for mercy for our late student Sefa Atılır and wish patience to all Ankara Med. Family and his loved ones.