Our grad students took their first step towards becoming M.D. by ceremony

At the end of Ankara University School of Medicine 2017-2018 academic year, our students who have completed 6 years of medical education took their first steps towards becoming M.D. by ceremony.

After grad students and faculty members visit to Anıtkabir, University graduation ceremony held at Güneş Meydanı in Tandoğan Campus.  Rektor of Ankara University Prof. Dr. Erkan İbiş, vice rektor and hospitals chief phsician Prof. Dr. Bahaddin Güzel, Dean of medicine Prof. Dr. Gülfem Çelik, vice deans Prof. Dr. Kenan Ateş and Prof. Dr. Pelin Arıbal Ayral joined the ceremony along with families of our grad students and faculty members from Ankara University. Deans and faculty members from various other universities also have joined the ceremony.

After taking the oath of medicine with our Dean Prof. Dr. Gülfem Çelik, our grad students turned the tassels and thrown their caps with command of our dean.

We wish success and happiness to our new graduates in their new lives.