Prof Dr. Alp Can’s New Book: “Yaşam bilimlerinde A’dan Z’ye Mikroskopi”

Head of Ankara University School of Medicine Department of Histology-Embryology Prof. Dr. Alp Can’s “Yaşam Bilimlerinde A’dan Z’ye Mikroskopi (Microscopy from A to Z in life sciences)” book published. The book contain sections like “Long Story of Microscope (in the World and Turkey)”, “Light Microscope (Lights eye flickers), “Electron Microscope (Touch of Energy), “Stereomicroscope (Life’s True Face), “Digital Fotomictograf (Can I take A Photo).

 Book points out the primary accomplishments of Ankara University School of Medicine in Turkey.

348 page book contains 5 thematic sections, 10 chapters, 18 panels, 40 tables, 662 illustrations English/Turkish Term list and points out that Ankara University School of Medicine have many primary accomplishments in Turkey. Prof. Dr. Alp Can lists these accomplishments as: “The first microscope of the republic of Turkey”, “Turkey’s Oldest Electron Microscope Used in Medicine”, “Turkey’s First publish regarding on Electron Microscope”, “Turkey’s First Confocal Microscope”.